Clean Energy Justice


True Solutions: Proven, Scalable and Fossil Free

We stand in solidarity with people around the world working to advance truly clean energy solutions and hasten the break from false solutions and fossil fuels. Permanently.

The Clean Energy Justice Convergence is a 3-day action during the 13th Clean Energy Ministerial in Pittsburgh on September 21-23, 2022. This work is dedicated to frontline communities and will shine a spotlight on the costs, health impacts and environmental devastation associated with extractive and fossil fuel-based energy initiatives.

Events Summary

Tuesday, September 20

1 p.m. – Steel Tour of the Mon Valley

Wednesday, September 21

9 a.m. – Gas Tour of Washington County
9 a.m. – Petrochemical Tour
2 p.m. – Student Strike for Climate Justice!
8 p.m. – Art Installation: Public Projections by Future Studio

Thursday, September 22
8:30 a.m. – Kayak for Clean Energy has been cancelled due to the wind forecast.
10 a.m. – Lummi Nation Welcome at Schenley Plaza A Totem Pole Journey for Earth, Sky and Water Protectors: The Chief’s Pole
12 p.m.
– Press Conference and Rally at Schenley Plaza
5:30 p.m.
– Clean Energy Justice Roundtable at Phipps Conservatory
8 p.m. – End Fossil Fuel Tyranny! Public Projections by Future Studio
Friday, September 23

1 p.m. – Steel Tour of the Mon Valley
1 p.m. – Gas Tour of Washington County
1 p.m. – Petrochemical Tour

What is Clean Energy?

True Solutions:



Fossil Free

Building off the tenets of environmental justice, clean energy justice refers to equity, affordability, accessibility and participation in the energy transition to non-polluting energy systems regardless of race, nationality, income or geographic location.

Clean Energy is NOT

False Solutions Like:

Carbon Capture


Any energy solution that relies on fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal is not clean. Fossil fuel energy systems perpetuate the “boom and bust” economic cycle that harms people and the environment over and over again. This includes blue, grey, pink and possibly even green hydrogen projects, carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), petrochemicals and plastics manufacturing and nuclear energy.

We ask the Clean Energy Justice Ministers to reject false solutions and advance true clean energy solutions that are Proven, Scalable and Fossil Free.